Event Details:

  • Where:
    American Czechoslovakian Club
    922 Valley St, Dayton, OH 45404
  • When:
    Every Tuesday Night
    Level 2 four-week series 7:00PM – 8:00PM
    FREE Level 1 beginner class: 7:30PM – 8:00PM
    Social dancing 8:00PM – 9:30PM
  • How much:
    Social dance:  $5 non-members, $4 members — includes FREE beginner lesson!
    Level 2 class + social dance:  $10 non-members, $9 members, with $2 rebate at 8:45.
  • Who:
    Any person who is interested in how to swing dance!

What to expect:

Our weekly dances are the best place for one to get introduced to the world of swing dancing.  For beginners, your night starts at 7:30 with a FREE beginner lesson that gives you the basics and a few moves so that you can get out on the floor and start dancing!  Throughout the lesson we change partners frequently to give everyone a chance to try the moves, so feel free to show up even if you don’t have a dance partner.  We rotate through the moves we teach in this lesson every week, so even if you attended the lesson last week, feel free to come back again…you’ll have a chance to really familiarize yourself with the basics and learn some cool new moves to show off every week.

For those who have taken a few of our level one beginner classes, we offer a four week series at the beginning of every month.  These will vary in topics to provide a higher level of instruction for interested members.  As the items taught in this class will typically be more complicated, we teach these over the course of a four week series, as we may not allow people to join part of the way through.  If this is your first time dancing, definitely consider checking out the level one class first…those classes are designed to get you on the dance floor having fun immediately, whereas the level two material is a bit harder.

After the lesson we social dance from 8:00-9:30, allowing you to really show off your stuff.  We rotate our DJs every week, and each of them has a large library of swing songs to play you, guaranteeing the tunes never get old.  Throughout the night we sometimes have small events, such as jam circles (where dancers can choose to show off their skill), snowballs (an introductory activity that gets everyone dancing), and birthday jams (celebrations for those having a birthday this month)–make sure to stick around!