Gem City Swing operates with a board of five to nine members, elected in by the membership on a yearly basis.  Meet our current board members below:

Jay James Benze (President):  One of the founders of Gem City Swing, James has been dancing since early 2010, first at the University of Dayton, and eventually all over the world.  Currently, James DJs at dance events all over the midwest as well as instructs the upper level class at the University of Dayton Swing Dance Club.  Dancing is as necessary to him as oxygen, and he hopes to spread this affliction to everyone else.
Nick Gerakines (Vice-president): Nick is an American author, software engineer, and swing dancer based out of Dayton, Ohio. He is a contributor to a number of open source projects and is progressively getting involved in the swing dance community.
Emily Emily Stienecker (Treasurer): Emily started swing dancing at the University of Dayton in 2010, and immediately fell in love. She has been avidly dancing ever since. She ran the University of Dayton Swing Dance Club the last 2 years of her undergrad, and has also been teaching the beginner lesson series there for the past 2 years. She enjoys teaching, dancing, and travelling, and hopes to get all new dancers to love swing dancing as much as she does!
Kat Kat Blum (Secretary): Kat joins the Gem City Swing organization excited to be part of its creation and growth. She has been dancing since late 2008, getting her start at the University of Dayton. Kat enjoys dancing, teaching and competing in various cities across the Midwest. After long days of teaching Language Arts to middle schoolers, Kat enjoys letting loose on the dance floor and wants to share the joy dancing brings her with as many others as possible!
Rob Rob Breen (Marketing Manager):  Rob’s first encounter with swing dancing was in a ballroom dance class at Sinclair Community College in early 2012. When he transferred to the U. Of Cincinnati in 2013, he discovered their swing dance club and immediately fell in love. After graduating and moving back to Dayton, he hooked up with the UD Swing Club and from there found his way to Gem City Swing. In September 2015, he started DJing swing jazz.
Dot Dorothy Smith (Board Member): Dorothy has been dancing since the summer of 2012. She caught the bug from her friend at the University of Dayton and hasn’t been able to stop since. She loves dancing because it’s active and helps her to learn new things every time and meet new friends!! Everyone’s dancing is different and is an expression of their personality. In Dorothy’s dancing, she loves being silly and having fun, and she can’t wait to teach you all the things she’s learned! She hopes to spread to joy of swing dancing to everyone in Dayton!!
Emily Delman (Board Member): Emily started swing dancing at Wright State University and the University of Dayton in 2010. She has attended and competed in numerous dance events across the U.S. and later founded the Dancing Lindy Hoppers at Wright State University where she served as club president for two years. Emily also enjoys various styles of dance ranging from professional belly dance to west coast swing and Latin ballroom. Emily loves to dance and works as a dance instructor with Gem City Swing, teaching both beginner and series lessons. As a scientific and medical professional, she enjoys meeting new people, while teaching the joy of swing dance to others!