Do I need to know how to swing dance?
No!  We offer a half-hour beginner lesson before every social dance to help everyone nail down the basics.  It’s quick, easy, and fun!

Do I need to attend the beginner lesson with a partner?
Definitely not!  We rotate partners every so often during the lesson, so that everyone has a chance to try the moves with everyone.  Feel free to show up by yourself, with a partner, or with a whole group!

If come to the social dance alone, will I have a bad time?
We certainly hope not!  It’s customary for everyone to try and dance with everyone, so if you show up, expect to get asked to dance…and don’t hesitate to ask strangers to dance too!

If I’m asked to dance, must I say yes?
While strangers will ask strangers to dance, you can of course feel free to decline!  Saying “no” or “maybe later” to a dance is perfectly acceptable if you’re tired, thirsty, or just don’t want to dance with the person.

Can anyone attend your weekly dances?
Yes! Everyone is welcome–come dance with us!

Someone is making me feel uncomfortable!  Help!
Please talk to the DJ, the instructors, or the desk workers, and they’ll put you in contact with a board member.  We have a safe spaces policy at our dances and we want everyone to have as good a time as possible.  If someone is making you uncomfortable they’re likely making others uncomfortable too, but we can’t address the situation until we know it exists.

You guys are a lot of fun.  How can I support you?
We’re glad you asked!  There’s a number of ways you can support us:

  • First and foremost, keep attending dances.  Our primary source of income is through door sales, which goes towards advertising and hiring bands and instructors…it’s a win-win!
  • Bring a friend to a dance.  Dances are more fun the more people we have in attendance!
  • Buy a membership.  As an official member of the organization, you are entitled to a number of perks, so if you think you might keep dancing for a while, consider purchasing a membership!