We expect all attendees at any of our events to follow our Code of Conduct.  Failure to obey the code of conduct will result in your being asked to leave the event and never return.

In general, if you behave like a reasonable human being, you’ll probably be okay.

  1. We DO NOT discriminate at Gem City Swing.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of color, gender, orientation, nationality, appearance, disability, religion, political views, favorite sports team, drink preference, whatever.  Any kind of discriminatory, racist, or otherwise insulting remarks will not be tolerated.
  2. Don’t tell other dancers how to dance unless they specifically ask for advice.  It’s rude, and you’re probably wrong anyway.
  3. This is not a club or a speed-dating joint; just because you are touching someone while dancing doesn’t mean they’re flirting with you.  People show up to swing dance, not to hook-up.  Becoming friends with people is okay, blatantly hitting on everyone in the venue is not.

Safe Spaces

If someone or something is making you feel uncomfortable in ANY WAY, please tell a board member, instructor, dj, or desk worker.  We take your comfort and safety as our highest priority.  Anonymity is fine with us, as long as we know the problem exists so that we can resolve it.  Remember, if something or someone is making you feel uncomfortable, it’s probably affecting other dancers as well…but we can’t do anything about it until the issue is brought to our attention.