Hey everyone! February is coming up and we have a lot of new events for you all!

First off, our monthly dance series is PARTNER CHARLESTON! Charleston was the precursor to the Lindy Hop that we all know and love, and is a great way to mix new movements into your dance, or to provide another way to dance at faster tempos! The series will run from 7-8PM for the month of February, and it will be progressive, so make sure you show up for the first lesson!

Dancers Anthony Chen and Rachel Green from Lindy on the Rocks 2010

Secondly, if you’ve never been to one of our dance before, now is a great time to show up!  The first Tuesday of every month is NEW DANCER NIGHT…if you’ve never attended one of our dances before, you can get in for FREE!  Show up to our beginner lesson at 7:30, and we’ll teach you the ropes in time for our social dance at 8!  We can’t wait to meet you!

It’s an executive order, you have to do it

Lastly, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, so we’re having a special VALENTINES DAY DANCE!  Wear red, bring a date, and indulge in chocolate, conversation hearts, and DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY with us!

Me too, piece of candy. Me too.

February Swing Dancing